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Pink Gardening Tools

Pink Gardening Tools. It’s the catch phrase of the month (or year … or decade. You choose.) Pink has come to be associated with a very special cause – the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer. And since breast cancer is NOT for sissies; pink gardening tools are not for sissies either. So, man up and go pink!

The pink started many years ago with the Susan A. Komen “Race for a Cure” – a charity designed to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. It’s been very successful – to the point that whenever someone sees a pink bow they think of that charity and breast cancer awareness.

But how did it get started and how can using pink gardening tools help? Okay. Okay. One question at a time, folks. The “For a Cure” foundation originated with Nancy G. Brinker, the sister of Susan A. Komen. When her sister was dying of breast cancer, Nancy promised her she would continue the fight to see an end to breast cancer.

Since that time, the Komen “Race for the Cure” has donated nearly $2 billion dollars toward that goal. The money has funded ground-breaking research and community outreach programs in the U.S. and beyond.


As to the second question, buying the pink gardening tools will be your contribution to the cause, as a percentage of the cost will be passed on to the Susan A. Komen “For a Cure” charitable foundation. What’s more, you won’t just be getting pink tools; you’ll be buying top quality gardening tools, including a heavy-duty tool bag, a pair of shears and a pruner, as well as an ergonomic (Yes, I said ergonomic!) trowel and aluminum cultivator.

So, you will be equipped to handle all those gardening projects you’ve been putting off for so long because of not having the proper pink tools! As you can see, it’s a win-win situation!

There are several pink garden tool sets from which to choose, depending on the degree of your gardening skills. There are garden sprayers with a trigger nozzle, and water wands, and six-way grass shears. Whoever designed these babies really knew their way around a garden!


Now that you “get it” – that pink gardening tools mean saving lives – you might even want to start giving these tool kits as gifts with a little note explaining the cause more fully.

What a great idea. Just Google “pink gardening tools” to find a retailer near you!

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